Whole Duck 6 lbs

Whole Duck 6 lbs


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Whole duck is a mouthwatering and savory option that will have your family fighting over the last bite. This whole duck is carefully selected and sourced from Muscovy Ducks, known for their exceptional taste and quality.

The Muscovy Ducks from US Wellness Meats are free-range and raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics, ensuring a natural and wholesome product. These ducks are given the freedom to roam and graze, resulting in meat that is both flavorful and ethically sourced.

US Wellness Meats partners with Woods Hill Table Farms in New Hampshire to bring you these delectable Whole Ducks. The ducks are raised on pasture and supplemented with organic grains, providing them with the highest quality and most nutritious diet possible. This dedication to sustainable farming practices ensures that you are getting the best-tasting and healthiest duck available.

Whole Duck Specifications

Specification Details
Weight Approximately 6 lbs (0.5 lb variance)
Farming Method Free-range
Hormones use None
Antibiotics use None
Diet Non-GMO with organic grain supplementation

US Wellness Meats’ whole duck is a versatile ingredient that can be the centerpiece of a delicious and impressive meal. Whether you roast it to perfection, create succulent and flavorful duck confit, or experiment with new recipes, this Whole Duck is sure to elevate your culinary creations.

Each whole duck comes with its giblet pouch included, providing additional options for creating rich and flavorful gravies and sauces. And with an average weight of 6 lbs, you’ll have plenty of delicious duck meat to enjoy and share with others.

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