Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón

Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón


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Experience the ultimate indulgence with our Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón. This extraordinary cut of beef is hand-selected and sourced from grass-fed matured cows that live up to 12 years. The Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón offers a decadent, melt-in-your-mouth experience that will delight any steak aficionado.

Key Features

  1. Basque-Style Steak: This massive 8-inch thick cut is a true showstopper. Its impressive thickness allows you to savor each bite and experience the full richness of the meat.
  2. Spanish Butchered: Our prime rib steaks are expertly butchered in the Spanish style, resulting in a meatier, bolder, and more complex flavor profile. The Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón is known for its off-the-charts marbling scores, guaranteeing an incredibly tender and juicy eating experience.
  3. Sustainable and Humane: We take pride in offering sustainable and ethically sourced products. Our Vaca Vieja cattle are raised in certified humane conditions, ensuring they are pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed, and free from confinement. We practice rotational grazing and minimize our environmental impact with grain-free and upcycled feeding methods.
  4. Exceptional Flavor: The Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón boasts a rich, natural deep red color and a robust umami flavor. The use of rustic European breeds and the meticulous selection of only the finest specimens ensure a taste sensation that is unrivaled.
  5. Nutritional Benefits: In addition to its remarkable taste, Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón is also a nutritious choice. It is a natural source of healthy Omega-3s and 6s, making it a great option for those seeking a balanced diet. Our beef is free from hormones and antibiotics, and it provides essential B and E vitamins, as well as being an iron powerhouse.

Indulge in the unparalleled culinary experience that the Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón offers. With its exceptional marbling, incredible flavor, and sustainable sourcing, this cut is perfect for special occasions or for any discerning meat lover. Elevate your dining experience and treat yourself to the best with our Vaca Vieja Prime Rib Chuletón.


Size Weight Range Thickness
Small 5-6LB 8 inches
Medium 6-7LB 8 inches
Large 7-8LB 8 inches


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