Sugar Free Pork Belly DICED – 1 lb.

Sugar Free Pork Belly DICED – 1 lb.


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Introducing the Diced Sugar-Free Pork Belly from US Wellness Meats. We’ve taken our Sugar Free Pork Belly and diced it for your convenience. This fresh pork belly can be slow-cooked to make a mouthwatering pork sandwich or wrap, or fried up for your salad. You can also render nutrient-rich lard from this pork belly for all your cooking needs.

Our sustainably raised pigs are raised without the use of antibiotics, added growth hormones, GMOs, or genetically manipulated feed. We prioritize animal welfare and believe that healthy and happy animals lead to the best quality meat. This commitment to sustainable and responsible farming practices ensures that our products are of the highest quality and free from any harmful additives.

Indulge in the rich, unadulterated flavors of the Sugar Free Diced Pork Belly. This versatile pork belly can be included in a variety of recipes, from your favorite stir-fry to breakfast omelets. You can also use the rendered lard for frying, sautéing and baking. This multi-use product makes it easy to prepare delicious and nutritious meals without sacrificing flavor.

Diced Sugar Free Pork Belly Specifications

  • Quantity: 1 package
  • Weight: 1 lb (16 oz)
  • Ingredients: Pork Belly
  • Sugar-free, nitrate-free, and nitrite-free
  • Sourcing: Our pork is sourced from sustainable family farms that prioritize animal welfare and use responsible and natural farming practices.

At US Wellness Meats, we are passionate about providing you with the best quality and most nutritious meats possible. Our Sugar-Free Pork Belly DICED is no exception. This pork belly is free from added sugars, nitrates, and nitrites, making it a healthy option for you and your family.


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