Sugar Free Pork Bacon Slices (1.5 lbs)

Sugar Free Pork Bacon Slices (1.5 lbs)


Introducing the Sugar Free Pork Bacon Slices (1.5 lbs), the perfect solution for bacon lovers who are looking for a tasty, sugar-free option. At US Wellness Meats, we take pride in offering high-quality, wholesome products that meet your dietary needs. Our sugar-free bacon is not only delicious but also Whole30 compliant, making it the ideal choice for those following a clean eating plan.

Unlike other bacon alternatives on the market, our bacon contains only two ingredients: natural pork and sea salt. We’ve eliminated white sugar, brown sugar, honey powder, MSG, nitrates, and nitrites from our recipe. With no artificial additives or preservatives, you can enjoy the rich flavor of our bacon without compromising on your health goals. Plus, our bacon is naturally flavored with hickory smoke, adding a delightful smoky note to each slice.

These medium-cut bacon slices have gained immense popularity among our customers, quickly becoming a best-seller. And it’s not just adults who love it – even the kids can’t resist its savory taste. This 1.5-pound package of goodness is conveniently delivered right to your doorstep, ensuring that you never have to go without your favorite bacon.

What sets our bacon apart and makes it Whole30 compliant? It all lies in the ingredients used during the curing process. To qualify as Whole30 compliant bacon, it must be free of sugar and additives. We’ve taken great care to ensure that our bacon meets these requirements, giving you a guilt-free and delicious bacon option.

But it’s not just about the bacon itself – it’s also about the farming practices behind it. We take pride in our farms, which are significantly different from conventional pig farms. Our pigs are pasture-raised on family farms, enjoying the freedom to roam in large-acre pastures. They are rotated multiple times a year to pastures with fresh forage, ensuring a varied and nutritious diet.

Our pigs are fed a wholesome diet consisting of barley, oats, hay, turnips, raw protein, corn, and pasture grasses. They receive no antibiotics or hormones, ensuring that you’re consuming meat that is not only delicious but also free from unwanted additives.

For those seeking a sugar-free, Whole30 compliant bacon option, look no further than our Sugar Free Pork Bacon Slices (1.5 lbs). Order your package today and discover why it has become a favorite among bacon enthusiasts.

Sugar Free Pork Bacon Slices Specifications

  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Ingredients: Natural pork, sea salt
  • Flavor: Hickory smoked
  • Compliance: Whole30 approved
  • Additives: No white sugar, brown sugar, honey powder, MSG, nitrates, or nitrites
  • Farming process: Pasture-raised on family farms, antibiotic and hormone-free
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