Sirloin Filet 8oz

Sirloin Filet 8oz


8 oz – 4 count

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Hand-cut by skilled butchers, the Sirloin Filet is a prime example of the exceptional quality of Piedmontese beef. The steaks are available in various quantities to suit your needs. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner for two, a family gathering, or a large barbecue, you can find the perfect option:

  • 8 oz – 4 count: Perfect for a small gathering or when you want to have extra portions for leftovers or freezing.
  • 8 oz – 2 count: Ideal for a romantic dinner for two or a special occasion.
  • 8 oz – 6 count: Great for a medium-sized gathering or if you want to stock up the freezer for future enjoyment.
  • 8 oz – 8 count: The ultimate choice for larger gatherings or if you simply can’t get enough of these mouthwatering steaks.

What sets the Sirloin Filet apart is the impeccable flavor and tenderness that comes from Piedmontese cattle. These cattle are raised using responsible and sustainable methods, ensuring not only delicious flavor but also peace of mind knowing you’re enjoying a product that respects the environment.

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