REP Whole Pasture-Raised Chicken

REP Whole Pasture-Raised Chicken


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REP Whole Pasture-Raised Chicken are a true delight for those seeking superior quality and taste. These poultry gems are carefully and responsibly raised on lush, nutrient-dense pastures, allowing them to thrive in a natural and healthy environment. With each chicken weighing approximately 3.5-4.5 pounds, you can expect generous portions of flavorful meat.

What sets these pasture-raised chickens apart is their soy-free diet, which ensures a clean and natural eating experience. These birds spend their days foraging on acres of robust pasture, indulging in a diet that includes grasses, bugs, and vegetation. This omnivorous diet results in chickens that are packed with nutrients and raised in a manner that is in tune with their natural instincts.

At REP Provisions, they pride themselves on producing chickens that are more nutritious than their organic or conventionally raised counterparts. These pasture-raised chickens have been found to provide higher nutritional value, offering you more benefits for your buck. With their focus on sustainable and regenerative farming practices, REP Provisions ensures that you are getting the best quality poultry while supporting responsible agriculture.

The REP Whole Pasture-Raised Chicken are carefully selected for their exceptional flavor, tenderness, and nutritional benefits. With these chickens, you can expect to create delicious meals that your family and friends will rave about. Whether roasted to perfection, grilled with your favorite marinade, or incorporated into stews and soups, these birds are incredibly versatile and will elevate your culinary creations.

Here are the specifications for the REP Whole Pasture-Raised Chickens:

  • Quantity: 2 chickens
  • Weight: Approximately 3.5-4.5 pounds each
  • Diet: Naturally omnivorous, soy-free, pasture-raised
  • Farming Practices: Regenerative, sustainable, and responsible

Indulge in the succulent taste and superior quality of REP Whole Pasture-Raised Chickens (2). These chickens not only deliver excellent flavor but also allow you to support sustainable farming practices.

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