REP Pre-Formed Hamburger Patties

REP Pre-Formed Hamburger Patties

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Indulge in the ultimate grilling experience with REP Pre-Formed Hamburger Patties. These 1/3 lb patties are not just delicious, but also support a good cause. Made from 100% grass-fed and finished beef sourced from verified regenerative farms, these patties are a cut above the rest.

What sets these patties apart is their exceptional nutritional value. With up to 5 times more anti-inflammatory conjugated linoleic acid than conventional and non-regenerative beef, you’re not just enjoying a tasty burger, but also fueling your body with a powerful dose of health benefits. Combined with the goodness of being 100% grass-fed and finished, these patties provide a superior flavor and nutritional experience.

Here are the specifications for REP Pre-Formed Hamburger Patties:

  • Product: REP Pre-Formed Hamburger Patties
  • Quantity: Three to eighteen 1/3 lb beef patties (as per choice)
  • Health Benefits: Contains up to 5x more anti-inflammatory conjugated linoleic acid than conventional & non-regenerative beef
  • Farming Practices: 100% grass-fed and finished on verified regenerative farms

Grill your way to a better meal and a healthier you with REP Pre-Formed Hamburger Patties. Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ or craving a quick and delicious burger, these patties deliver a flavor and nutritional profile that’s hard to beat.

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