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REP Beef & Chicken Box


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REP Beef & Chicken Box is the ultimate bundle for those seeking a variety of high-quality, regeneratively sourced animal proteins. This bundle offers the convenience of having the farmer do your grocery shopping, with a variety of different cuts of meat to suit any meal or occasion.

The REP Beef & Chicken Box includes six 16 oz. packs of Regenerative Ground Beef, two 16 oz. packs of Tenderized Steak Strips, and two 16 oz. packs of Regenerative Stew Meat. Additionally, the bundle comes with four Soy-Free Chicken Breasts and four Soy-Free Chicken Quarters for a convenient and well-rounded protein source. In total, the bundle includes 53 four oz. portions, making it an affordable and convenient option for meal prepping or feeding large families.

At REP Provisions, their top priority is providing the cleanest and highest quality products. All the meat in this bundle is sourced from verified regenerative farms that use environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices. This not only ensures exceptional taste and quality, but also helps conserve our planet’s ecosystems.

Whether you’re grilling burgers, making a hearty beef stew, or roasting a succulent chicken dish, the REP Beef & Chicken Box has everything you need to create delicious and nutritious meals. Avoid the hassle of grocery shopping and indulge in this fantastic and versatile bundle from REP Provisions.

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