Regenerative Ground Pork by REP Provisions

Regenerative Ground Pork by REP Provisions


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Introducing our versatile and lean Regenerative Ground Pork, a clean and nutritious option for the whole family. Our heritage pigs are raised on a natural Soy-Free and Corn-Free diet, resulting in ground pork that is not only delicious but also packed with heart-healthy omega-3’s and antioxidant-rich CLA’s.

A Flavorful and Balanced Choice

Our pigs have the privilege of foraging beneath the forest canopy, which helps them develop a distinctive and tender flavor. With each juicy bite of our Regenerative Ground Pork, you’ll experience the undeniable taste of a product that’s better for you and the planet.


Specification Details
Weight 1 lb
Diet Soy-Free, Corn-Free
Farming Practices Forest-Raised Regenerative

Versatility in Every Bite

Our Regenerative Ground Pork is incredibly versatile, making it an ideal ingredient for a wide range of dishes. From meatballs and burgers to stir-fries and tacos, the possibilities are endless. This ground pork offers a lean yet succulent texture, ensuring a delightful eating experience every time.

A Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture

At REP Provisions, we prioritize regenerative agriculture that respects both the animals and the environment. By choosing our Regenerative Ground Pork, you’re supporting sustainable and ethical farming practices that contribute to the health and well-being of our planet.

Experience the incredible flavor and benefits of our Regenerative Ground Pork. Order yours today and enjoy a clean and nutritious option for your favorite recipes.

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