Pork Shoulder Roast – 3.5 lbs

Pork Shoulder Roast – 3.5 lbs


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Introducing the Pork Shoulder Roast – 3.5 lbs from US Wellness Meats. This boneless Pork Shoulder Roast is highly sought after for its delicious and flavorful taste. It has become a customer favorite and has consistently received five-star ratings.

When it comes to preparing a mouthwatering and succulent roast, the Pork Shoulder Roast is the perfect choice. With its marbling and rich fat content, this roast is known for its tenderness and ability to absorb flavors. It is an ideal cut for slow cooking, braising, or smoking, making it a versatile option for various cooking methods and recipes.

Our Pork Shoulder Roast is sourced from high-quality, sustainably raised pigs. The pork is raised in a stress-free environment, without the use of antibiotics or added hormones. We are committed to providing you with the best-tasting, clean, and wholesome meat possible.

For your convenience, the Pork Shoulder Roast comes in a 3.5 lb package, providing you with ample meat to serve a large gathering or to enjoy as leftovers for multiple meals. The roast is boneless, making it easy to carve and serve.

Here are the specifications for our Pork Shoulder Roast – 3.5 lbs:

  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Cut: Boneless
  • Flavor: Delicious and flavorful
  • Cooking methods: Ideal for slow cooking, braising, and smoking
  • Sourcing: Sustainably raised without antibiotics or added hormones

Discover the exceptional taste and versatility of our Pork Shoulder Roast. Whether you’re hosting a special gathering or simply enjoying a delicious family meal, this roast is sure to impress. Order your 3.5 lb package today and experience the satisfaction of cooking with high-quality, sustainably raised pork.

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