Pork Neck Bones – 1.5 lbs

Pork Neck Bones – 1.5 lbs


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Are you searching for the perfect ingredient to enhance the flavor and texture of your broth, stock, or stews? Look no further than our Pork Neck Bones. These meaty bones are not only rich in collagen and connective tissue but also offer a sumptuous flavor that will take your culinary creations to the next level.

Pork Neck Bones are prized for their collagen content, which breaks down during cooking, resulting in a rich and gelatinous broth. The connective tissue also contributes to the overall depth of flavor, making these bones a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike. Their flavor and texture are often compared to other popular cuts like oxtail or shanks.

Each package contains approximately 1.5 lbs of Pork Neck Bones, providing you with plenty of bone-in goodness to elevate your recipes. Whether you prefer to braise or slow cook them, these bones will infuse your dishes with savory flavors that will leave your taste buds delighted.

Pork Neck Bones Specifications

Product Name Pork Neck Bones – 15 lbs
Ingredients Pastured pork neck bones
Quantity Approximately 15 lbs per package
Uses Perfect for broth, stock, and stews
Flavor Rich and savory
Additional Features Free from antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs
Farming Practices Pigs raised using sustainable and ethical farming methods on pasture

At US Wellness Meats, we prioritize the quality and taste of our products. Our Pastured Pork Neck Bones come from pigs raised on pasture, offering superior taste and nutritional benefits. We ensure that our pigs are raised using sustainable and ethical farming practices, free from antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs. By choosing our Pork Neck Bones, you’re not only getting a delicious product but also supporting responsible farming methods.

Experience the taste and versatility of our Pork Neck Bones. Order now and elevate the flavor of your favorite dishes with these collagen-rich bones.


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