Pork Bacon Slabs Sugar-free – 4.25 lbs

Pork Bacon Slabs Sugar-free – 4.25 lbs


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Get ready to indulge in one of the most delicious and healthy pork bacon slabs available in the market! US Wellness Meats presents their Sugar-free and Uncured Pork Bacon Slabs, which are made with just two 100% natural and wholesome ingredients.

Each package contains 4.25 lbs of unsliced Hickory Smoked Pork Bacon Slabs that offer a simply delicious flavor. Thanks to its sugar-free and uncured preparation, you can now relish the distinct and authentic taste of all-natural, pastured pork bacon in a big package. These pork slabs are perfect for families and people who enjoy cooking delicious bacon meals at home.

To create this mouth-watering pork bacon, US Wellness Meats sources their pork from local, small farms of like-minded family producers. These pork slabs are made using free-range pork raised on pasture and are fed free of genetically modified organisms. This small-scale and sustainable farming practice ensures that the pigs lead a stress-free and happy life, resulting in tender and delicious bacon.

After the pigs are raised and ready for processing, the bacon is hand crafted without adding any nitrites, nitrates, sugar, or artificial preservatives. This ensures that you get only quality bacon with full bacon flavor!

The Hickory Smoked Pork Bacon Slabs are smoked with natural hardwood Hickory chips, which adds a smokey and savory flavor profile to the bacon. These slabs are unsliced, which allows you to choose the thicknes and size of the bacon, resulting in perfectly customized slices for all your bacon creations!

Pork Bacon Slabs Sugar-free Specifications

Quantity Sold 4.25 lbs
Ingredients Pork, Sea Salt
Flavors Hickory Smoked
Slice Unsliced
Sugar-free Yes
Nitrite-free Yes
Nitrate-free Yes
Preservative-free Yes

These Pork Bacon Slabs are perfect for buyers who want to enjoy a protein-rich meal or for folks adhering to a paleo or keto diet. You can use these bacon slabs to cook up your favorite bacon recipes, including that perfect bacon burger or morning omelet.

If you are looking for a healthy and sustainable alternative to conventional pork bacon, US Wellness Meats’ Sugar-free and Uncured Pork Bacon Slabs are here to offer you a pure, simple, and delicious bacon experience.

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