Pete’s Bacon – Paleo Friendly

Pete’s Bacon – Paleo Friendly

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Introducing Pete’s Bacon: The Perfect Paleo-Friendly Delight

Pete’s Bacon is a mouthwatering and guilt-free bacon that will revolutionize the way you experience this beloved breakfast staple. Crafted by Pete’s Real Food, a brand dedicated to providing wholesome and natural products, this paleo-friendly bacon is made with the finest ingredients and a whole lot of love. With no added sugar, nitrates, or nitrites, Pete’s Bacon ensures you can savor the delicious flavors of bacon without compromising on your health.

What sets Pete’s Bacon apart from the rest? Let’s dive into its unique features and the reasons why it stands out as the perfect choice for bacon enthusiasts:

Exceptional Quality
Pete’s Bacon is crafted from pastured pigs sourced from top-quality ranches. This ensures that each slice is made with the highest-quality ingredients, resulting in a superior taste and texture. Say goodbye to mass-produced bacon and indulge in the goodness of Pete’s Real Food’s carefully selected pork.

Cured for Perfection
Unlike traditional brined bacon, Pete’s Bacon follows a curing process that eliminates any “shrinkage” commonly associated with other brands. Each slice retains its meatiness and supple texture, ensuring a satisfying and melt-in-your-mouth experience.

No Added Sugar
One of the standout features of Pete’s Bacon is the absence of any sugars or sweeteners. This means you can enjoy the savory flavors of bacon without any guilt. Whether you’re following a paleo, keto, or low-carb diet, Pete’s Bacon fits perfectly into your healthy lifestyle.

Customizable Thickness
Pete’s Bacon is sold in unsliced slabs, allowing you to have full control over how thick or thin you prefer each slice. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor your cooking to your specific taste preferences and culinary needs.

Cooking Instructions
To make the most of Pete’s Real Food Bacon, visit their website to watch a helpful cooking tutorial that will guide you through the process of achieving perfectly cooked bacon every time. From crispy to chewy, you’ll learn all the tricks to help you savor the full potential of Pete’s Bacon.

Ordering and Delivery
Make sure to place your order before the Friday deadline (midnight PST) to receive your bacon delivery on the following Thursday or Friday. Keep in mind that any orders received after the cutoff will be included in the subsequent week’s delivery.

Pete’s Real Food takes pride in sourcing from happy pigs, ensuring that every slice of bacon you enjoy comes from animals that are treated with care and respect.


Specification Details
Sugar Content No added sugar
Nitrates/Nitrites Free from nitrates and nitrites
Ingredients Belly, spices, salt, and love
Slicing Unsliced slab, customizable thickness
Dietary Paleo-friendly, suitable for various diets
Delivery Thursday and Friday delivery (US only)


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