Pastured Chicken Tenders – 0.5 lb pkg

Pastured Chicken Tenders – 0.5 lb pkg


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Introducing our Pastured Chicken Tenders – a delicious and healthy addition to your meals! US Wellness Meats offers our customers a 0.50 lb package of these popular chicken tenders. These boneless, skinless tenders are not breaded, giving you the freedom to add your own preferred breading or cook them as they are.

Our free-range chickens are raised on lush pastures, where they have access to a diverse salad bar of grasses, legumes, and insects. The limited amount of grain they consume is Non-GMO and our chickens are never given antibiotics or added hormones*. Pastured Chicken Tenders are a healthy, delicious, and sustainable alternative to conventionally raised chicken tenders.

US Wellness Meats’ Pastured Chicken Tenders are carefully processed to provide tender and juicy meat. The flavorful taste of outdoor chickens is something that cannot be found in commercial birds.

Each package of our Pastured Chicken Tenders weighs 0.50 pounds, making them perfect for a variety of recipes and meal options.

Here’s a specifications table for our Pastured Chicken Tenders:

Product Pastured Chicken Tenders, 0.50 lb package
Weight 0.50 pounds
Quantity Varies depending on size of tenders
Diet Pasture-raised, with limited Non-GMO grain
Certification Antibiotic and hormone-free

US Wellness Poultry offers a range of quality products, committed to providing healthier options for our customers. With our Pastured Chicken Tenders, you can enjoy the health and nutritional benefits of pasture-raised chicken and support sustainable farming practices.

Order your package of wholesome and delicious Pastured Chicken Tenders today and enjoy the taste of high-quality, pasture-raised chicken!


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