Pasture-raised Free Range Turkey – 15.5-18 lbs

Pasture-raised Free Range Turkey – 15.5-18 lbs


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Looking for a delicious and nutritious turkey for your next holiday feast or special occasion? Look no further than our Pasture-raised Free Range Turkey!

Pasture-raised Free Range Turkey Specifications

Specification Details
Weight 15-18 lbs
Source Free-range, pasture-raised
Raised on Native prairie grasses in open pastures
Antibiotic-free Yes
Hormone-free Yes
Non-GMO Yes
Fed organic diet Yes

Source: Our turkeys are raised on family-owned farms using free-range, pasture-raised methods that promote natural, healthy behaviors and stress-free lifestyles. Turkeys are raised outdoors where they are able to graze on open pastures, enjoying a natural lifestyle.

Weight: Our turkeys have an average weight of 15-18 lbs, making them the ideal size for holiday feasts and dinners.

Antibiotic-free: Our turkeys are raised without the use of antibiotics, ensuring a clean and healthy product that is free of any harmful residue.

Hormone-free: Our turkeys are raised without the use of added hormones, ensuring that they are never exposed to the potentially harmful effects of these substances.

Non-GMO: Our turkeys are fed a natural diet that is free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), ensuring that they are healthy, safe, and free from any unwanted additives.

Fed organic diet: Our turkeys are fed an organic diet that is free from pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals. This ensures that they are healthy, happy, and thriving.

Superior Animal Treatment: Our turkeys are raised in a way that is respectful of their natural instincts and behaviors, ensuring that they are stress-free, healthy, and happy. This translates to a delicious and nutritious product that is perfect for any occasion.

Perfect for Health-conscious Individuals: Our Pasture-raised Free Range Turkey is a lean protein that is rich in healthy vitamins and nutrients. It is an excellent choice for health-conscious individuals who are looking for a clean, wholesome product that is free from any harmful additives.

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