Ibérico Pork Box from Campo Grande

Ibérico Pork Box from Campo Grande


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Ibérico Pork Box from Campo Grande is a selection of premium cuts of high-quality pork that is sustainably sourced and humanely raised. The box includes one Secreto, one Porkbelly Steak, one 4-Rib Rack, and one Presa, each carefully selected and cut to provide a flavorful and nutritious dining experience.

The Secreto is a well-kept secret cut according to Spanish butchers, with a weight range of 14-21 ounces. This cut is prized for its tender texture, deep flavor, and marbled fat. The Porkbelly Steak weighs between 21-28 ounces and offers a succulent and richly textured culinary experience. The 4-Rib Rack, with a weight of 24-33 ounces, can be used to cut your own pork chops or roast the whole piece. Finally, the Presa has a weight range of 21-28 ounces and is known as the ultimate boneless roast or cuts into “Denver” steaks.

The Ibérico Pork Box offers much more than just delicious taste, however. The pork is sourced from family-owned farms that practice sustainable and humane farming methods, including crate-free environments and slow-growth breeds that live twice as long as the industrial standard. The result is pork that is not only flavorful but also nutritious, high in Omega-9s and oleic acid – the same healthy fats found in olive oil. The pigs are raised without antibiotics, hormones, or genetically modified organisms.

Please note that because the Ibérico Pork is hand-butchered, the weights of the whole muscle cuts may vary based on the natural sizes of the pigs.

Specification Value
Weight Range Varies (see description for each cut)
Cuts Included Secreto, Porkbelly Steak, 4-Rib Rack, Presa
Farming Practices Sustainable, Humane, Crate-free, Non-GMO, No Antibiotics or Hormones
Nutritional Information High in Omega-9s and Oleic Acid

The Ibérico Pork Box from Campo Grande offers a unique dining experience, with cuts of high-quality pork that are both delicious and nutritious. With a focus on sustainable and humane farming practices, as well as natural and healthy diets for the pigs, this pork is sure to be a standout ingredient in your next culinary creation.

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