Ground Elk – 1 lb

Ground Elk – 1 lb


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US Wellness Meats’ Ground Elk is a leaner alternative to beef, offering a mild flavor and tender texture. With 90% or higher lean meat content, it is a great option for those looking for a high protein source without all the fat. It is also an excellent choice for those on a low-carb or paleo-style diet.

The elk sold by US Wellness Meats are naturally raised on the wide open mountain meadows of Utah, grazing on native grasses and enjoying the freedom of nature at its best. This natural diet contributes to the tenderness and flavor of the meat, making it a perfect addition to your favorite recipes.

Ground Elk is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes including burgers, soups, chili, or casseroles. When cooking with leaner meats, it’s important to pay attention to ensure you don’t overcook it. Due to the mild and delicate flavor of Ground Elk, it is recommended to season well with your favorite herbs and spices.

Each package of Ground Elk contains one pound of ground meat, making it easy to measure and prepare. US Wellness Meats’ strict standards for quality and nutrition ensure that you are getting the healthiest and most natural meat available.

Ground Elk Specifications

Specification Details
Weight 1 lb.
Meat Content 90% or higher
Farming Method Naturally raised on wide open mountain meadows
Diet Native grasses
Recommended Seasoning Your favorite herbs and spices
Packaging Vacuum-sealed

US Wellness Meats is dedicated to providing premium quality meat products to its customers. If you’re looking for a leaner alternative to ground beef that doesn’t sacrifice flavor, try US Wellness Meats’ Ground Elk!

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