Grass Fed, Grass Finished Bavette

Grass Fed, Grass Finished Bavette


16 oz – 4 count

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Grass Fed, Grass Finished Bavette is a steak that delivers both texture and tenderness, making it a popular choice for steak lovers who are looking for a different cut of beef to try. Also known as flap meat, the Bavette steak is derived from the part of the animal next to the flank, from where it gets its rich, full-bodied flavor.

Despite not being a commonly known cut, the Bavette steak offers exceptional flavor and texture. It’s a juicy steak that can be grilled or pan-seared and can be enjoyed with or without a marinade. Additionally, with just 4 grams of fat and 140 calories per serving, it’s an excellent option for those looking for a lean and healthy steak to incorporate into their diet.

The Grass Fed, Grass Finished Bavette is sourced from Certified Piedmontese, a trusted producer of premium beef products. All of their cattle are verified all-natural and raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics. This ensures superior quality and ethical sourcing, making the Bavette steak an excellent choice for the health-conscious consumer and those who value sustainability.

For best results, the Bavette steak should be cut against the grain to achieve unbelievably tender and juicy results. It measures approximately 6-8 ounces per serving, making it a perfect option for those who appreciate a delicious and generous portion size.

Grass Fed, Grass Finished Bavette Specifications

Specification Information
Product Type Grass Fed, Grass Finished Bavette
Weight Approximately 6-8 oz per serving
Source Certified Piedmontese all-natural and raised without hormones
Calories/Serving 140
Fat/Serving 4g
Flavor Rich and full-bodied
Cooking Method Grilled or pan-seared

In conclusion, the Grass Fed, Grass Finished Bavette from Piedmontese offers a unique and delicious alternative to traditional steak cuts. It’s an excellent source of lean protein, iron, and other essential nutrients and offers superior flavor and tenderness. with the ethical and all-natural sourcing of the product, you can trust that you are making a responsible and healthy choice. Order your Grass Fed, Grass Finished Bavette today and experience a truly exceptional steak.

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