Elk Patties – 3 (1/3lb) patties

Elk Patties – 3 (1/3lb) patties


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US Wellness Meats’ Elk Patties offer a leaner and milder alternative to beef burgers, perfect for those looking for a healthier protein option. These 1/3 lb patties are 90%+ lean, providing a satisfying protein source while keeping the fat and calories to a minimum.

The elk used for these patties are raised naturally in Utah, grazing on wild mountain meadows filled with native grasses and free of added hormones or antibiotics. As a result, elk has a unique taste that is mild and slightly sweet, with a tender texture that melts in your mouth.

US Wellness Meats’ Elk Patties are perfect for grilling, cooking in a skillet, or oven baking. To avoid overcooking, it is recommended to keep an eye on them while cooking. These patties are also great when paired with other grass-fed beef or bison burgers for a tasty variety of flavors.

Each package of Elk Patties contains three (1/3 lb) patties, with a total package weight of one pound. This makes it easy to portion and cook the patties efficiently, whether you’re cooking for one or a larger group of people.

Elk Patties  Specifications

Specification Details
Weight 1 lb.
Patty Count Three, 1/3 lb patties
Meat Content 90%+ lean
Farming Method Naturally raised in Utah
Diet Native grasses
Antibiotics use None
Hormones use None
Cooking Methods Grilling, skillet, oven
Packaging Vacuum-sealed

US Wellness Meats is committed to providing the healthiest and highest quality meat products possible. When you choose US Wellness Meats’ Elk Patties, you are choosing natural, pasture-raised meat that is both delicious and healthy.

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