Beef Marrow Bone Broth – 2 lb Pail

Beef Marrow Bone Broth – 2 lb Pail


Indulge in the richness and health benefits of our flavorful Beef Marrow Bone Broth. Made from sustainably raised beef bones, this nutrient-dense broth is a nourishing addition to your daily routine. Crafted with care, this 2 lb pail is perfect for those looking to incorporate the goodness of bone broth into their diet.

At US Wellness Meats, we prioritize sustainable and responsible farming practices. Our beef bones are sourced from farms that uphold strict standards, ensuring the highest quality of products. Our animals are raised without the use of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, added growth hormones, and GMOs. We believe in providing you with food that is as pure and natural as possible.

Our Beef Marrow Bone Broth is lifestyle-friendly, offering convenience and versatility. With our convenient online ordering, you can conveniently incorporate this nourishing broth into your daily meals. As advocates of 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, we offer a wide variety of options to choose from, making meal preparation stress-free.

Uncompromising taste is at the heart of our mission. Our premium quality meats are not only delicious but also loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. From the first sip to the last, you and your family will savor the rich flavors and undeniable benefits of our Beef Marrow Bone Broth.

We pride ourselves on the superior treatment of our animals. Our cattle roam wide open pastures, grazing on native prairie grasses, resulting in the juiciest and most flavorful meats for your table. When you choose our Beef Marrow Bone Broth, you are making a conscious choice to support ethical animal farming practices.

Experience the richness and nourishment of our Beef Marrow Bone Broth in every sip. Order your 2 lb pail today and elevate your meals with this wholesome addition.

Beef Marrow Bone Broth Specifications

Specification Description
Weight 2 lb
Main Ingredient Beef bones
Farming Practices Sustainably raised
Additives/Pesticides None
Hormones/Antibiotics None
GMO None


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