Budget-Friendly Beef Cuts: Delicious Options Without Breaking the Bank

While fillet, ribeye, and T-bone may be the famous stars of the beef world, they come with a price tag to match. For those who appreciate great flavors without stretching the budget, there are inexpensive cuts of beef that don’t sacrifice taste for cost. They might require a bit more care in cooking, but the result is a flavorful, mouth-watering meal you’ll savor.

Chuck Eye Steak

Sometimes called the “poor man’s ribeye,” chuck eye steak is cut off from the fifth rib, close to the expensive ribeye. With the right technique and attention, it can yield very similar flavor profiles to its luxurious cousin at a fraction of the cost. It’s superb when grilled or cooked sous-vide to ensure tenderness.

Flank Steak

Flank steak is a lean, boneless cut that comes from the cow’s abdominal muscles. It’s incredibly flavorful, has a firm texture, and holds up well with various marinades. The trick to preserving its tenderness is to marinade before grilling or broiling and slice against the grain for serving. It’s an excellent choice for London broil or a stir-fry.

Flat Iron Steak

Also known as the top blade steak, the flat iron cut comes from the shoulder and boasts rich, deep flavor. Marinating followed by grilling or sautéing makes this cut shine. However, remember to cook it no further than medium-rare to keep it tender.

Skirt Steak

Skirt steak has long been the secret weapon of grill masters and steak lovers on a budget. Sourced from the diaphragm muscles of the cow, it packs a robust, beefy flavor. It benefits from a spicy or acidic marinade and, like flank steak, should be served thinly sliced against the grain. It’s the traditional choice for fajitas and a favorite for quick grilling recipes.

Eye of Round Roast/Steak

The eye of round is the leanest cut of meat from the cow’s rear (hindquarters or round). While it doesn’t feature much fat marbling, it can be a moist, tender choice when cooked slowly at a low temperature. With the right roasting or braising methods, this cut can beperfect for crowd-pleasing roast beef sandwiches or savory stews.


The shank is from the leg portion of the animal. It’s best when slow-cooked in comforting dishes like osso buco or beef bourguignon. As it slowly cooks, the collagen within the shank breaks down, resulting in rich flavors and a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Hanger Steak

Once a butcher’s secret, the hanger steak (the cut “hangs” from the diaphragm, near the kidney) is gaining popularity for its intense flavor. It’s best when marinated and quickly grilled or broiled to medium-rare due to its leanness. Like the flank and skirt steak, it should be sliced thinly against the grain.

Being a culinary explorer doesn’t mean you have to destroy your wallet in the process. There’s an exciting world of budget-friendly beef cuts that can yield sensational results—tenderness, flavor, versatility—for a fraction of what you’d pay for the fancier cuts. So, next time you’re at your local butcher, consider opting for a lesser-known cut and elevate your home-cooked meals without breaking the bank.

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